Saturday, September 20, 2014

fresh start

deleted all of my 466posts. phewww

now i am new. 23yrs old. nur farhanah.
idk. but feel like wanna wrote something.

so now, i've been doin Bach of URP in Gombak. and Alhamdulillah its been 3 yrs and now im in my 3rd year. Alhamdulillah is the only thing that ive been saying cz i got to stay in this green studio.
and i hope next sem is the last semester i'll be seeing the green studio. i hope i'll be able to grad on time insyaAllah.

now its been D-6 of #Kaedfest14 and our cool stuff especially ice blended at #7belas #motherfuture booth are selling fast and been trending on instagram and twitter. alhamdulillah, thanks to all studiomates.

no images. kbai.

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